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Cooperation vs Compliance


There is a difference between compliance and cooperation when it comes to working with your coach. 

Compliance is meeting the standard. It’s achieved when you check your box.

When you complete the daily programming.

When you add a meal to your food journal.

It requires no further insight or discussion. You simply do and move on.

Cooperation goes a step further. It’s the process of working together towards a common end goal. It requires collaboration and consistent feedback. Cooperation calls for leadership and fosters trust.

Not to say that compliance is easy. It still requires that the work be done. It still takes effort from both parties. However, a good coach works towards earning your cooperation. They ask you what your individual goals are and coach you through the pieces that you need to be held accountable for. They inspire an attitude of enthusiasm and outline a plan for growth with your needs in mind. This leads to buy in and progression over time.

The difference lies in “having” to do something and “getting” to do something. In “asking” instead of “telling”.

Which do you think renders better results?

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