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With over 17 years of combined experience, we focus on improving the lives of our clients by helping them pursue long-term sustainable goals through personalized coaching.

Our knowledge of functional fitness, nutrition, and strength & conditioning allows us to provide customized strength training and habit-based nutrition coaching that promotes longevity and overall health.

After a shared history as competitive teammates and coaches of movement, we found similar values in the intention required to train competitively, the importance of maintaining a growth mindset as an athlete and coach, and the impact that perspective can have on your mental game. We co-founded Halito Fitness in 2020 to uphold and share these values with our community.

Our credentials include:
NASM Certification
NCSF Certification
Crossfit Level 1 Certification
CrossFit Level 2 Certification
USAW Level 1 Certification
Active Life Coach Immersion Certification
Precision Nutrition PN1 Certification

Laken has been in the Northern Virginia area since 2015 but is originally from New Orleans, LA. While she graduated from James Madison University with a degree in Business Management, Laken found a passion for fitness outside of the corporate world and began pursuing a career coaching small group fitness in 2012.

As both a coach and athlete, she considers herself more of a generalist with a focus on consistency, longevity, and mental fortitude. Laken believes in hard work, determination, and a never-give-up mentality to accomplishing goals.

After 8 years of experience, Laken co-founded Halito Fitness with Deonte in 2020. Her intention was to combine their fitness and nutrition knowledge into one space where individuals with an open mindset can realize their potential.

Laken’s passion for coaching comes from witnessing both the internal and external transformation that occurs when clients invest in themselves through guided habit change. She specializes in helping people push past their comfort zone to pursue long term health goals, whether that’s in a group setting, individually, or through nutrition.

Outside of Halito, Laken loves everyday adventures with her family, enjoying a good cup of coffee with friends, and experiencing new places through travel.

Co owner of halito fitness

Coach Laken | co-OWNER

Deonte was born and raised in Detroit, MI. From a young age, he played multiple sports and stayed active in some form or fashion. He kept moving between playing in organized youth leagues and playing with the neighborhood kids, not realizing he was building habits that would help him in the long term.

After playing college basketball, Deonte moved to Arlington, VA in 2011 and began his coaching career. Instantly he fell in love with seeing his clients making changes and overcoming their obstacles. He quickly realized that the joy of coaching is in the process of change that each client experiences.

As a coach and an athlete, Deonte believes that you can aim to get a little bit better each day regardless of where you are starting. He encourages his clients to adopt that mindset and seek lasting results.

After coaching clients one on one and in a group setting for nine years, Deonte co-founded Halito Fitness with Laken, and together they are spreading their message of sustainable healthy habits for long-term change. Deonte hopes to help more clients overcome their hurdles in life through consistency and habit formation.
Outside of coaching clients, Deonte enjoys spending time with his family and friends and teaching the next generation a lifestyle of playful movement to build habits for the long term.

Co owner of halito fitness

Coach Deonte | co-OWNER

Our vision

To provide an inclusive space that improves the lives of our community through overall fitness, optimal nutrition, and self-discovery.

Our mission

To build healthy habits with intention that guide our clients towards a balanced and sustainable lifestyle.


Intention: Be present, mindful, and consistent in our daily efforts to prioritize the right things.

Growth: Seek out opportunities to challenge ourselves and chase our potential.

Perspective: Always strive for optimistic energy and be humble in our interactions.